I want to go home.

Just got out of the hospital.
They offered me morphine 4 times.
Refused it every time.

Anonymous Asked:
Hi. I've been craving heroin lately and idk if that's normal. I smoked it freshman year but now it's like I WANT IT!!

Don’t do it. It’s not worth all that you WILL lose.

Anonymous Asked:
plz don't go back to drugs. there is so much more to life than drugs and doing them just keeps you stuck in unhappiness.

Don’t plan to. Thank you.

How are my baby junkies? I miss you all. I’m sober and my anxiety is crazy right now.

Nobody likes you when you’re sober.

Anonymous Asked:
Good luck w rehab. You are pretty hot glad I got to see some selfies too.

Haha thanks

I dunno if u even have access to tumblr, but I wanted to write and say hi and I hope that rehab is going smooth. Be well!

Aw thank you

Anonymous Asked:
since ur from nj, im from nj too, not far from you either but i was wondering if you would ever help someone near you with connections? like info stuff like that

I just got outta rehab mannnnn. Just go into the city.

I’m out of rehab mother fuckerssssss